New-DeployRule : Cannot process argument transformation

While doing some vSphere 6 Auto Deploy development I found out that when using PowerCLI 6.3 R1 (latest release when writing this article) and using the New-DeployRule command you will receive an error message stating: New-DeployRule : Cannot process argument transformation on parameter ‘Item’. Unsupported version URI urn:rbd1/3.0


I got this while creating a new Deploy Rule using the following command:  New-DeployRule -name “Cluster01” -item “ Dell-ESXi-6.0U1-3380124-A04″, HostProfileName, Cluster01 -Pattern “name=hostname”

After some troubleshooting and no hits on the Internet I found out that installing an older version of PowerCLI resolves the issue! (In my case I rolled back to PowerCLI 6.0 R1 – 2548067).

For now I have created a SR with VMware and will update this blog post accordingly as soon as I receive new information.

Update 08-04-2016: This issue has been resolved with the release of PowerCli 6.3.0 R1 Patch 1 (3737840). Thanks to Ronny for pointing me out on that.


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  1. Ronny

     /  April 7, 2016

    Hi Kenneth,

    I’ve got the same problem with PowerCLI 6.3 R1 and a rollback to 6.0 R3 was necessary. Also opened a SR with VMware.


  2. Denis

     /  December 23, 2016

    Thanks, it works.

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