Creating a single bootable ISO with HP SPP and MSB

This blog post will guide you through the process of creating a single bootable ISO file which consists of the latest HP Service Pack for Proliant (SPP) ISO and an additional HP Maintenance Supplement Bundle (MSB) which is delivered in a ZIP format. Additionally you can add single “Firmware Supplemental Updates” as well.

The HP Service Pack for Proliant is a complete system software and firmware solution that is delivered several times a year, mainly driven by the release of a new server. This SPP is delivered as a bootable ISO and can be used to do offline firmware upgrades. Due to the fact that the SPP is only delivered several times a year it will most likely not contain the most recent updates, that’s why HP lets you also download a Maintenance Supplement Bundle (MSB). The SPP combined with a MSB contains a fully supported set of software.

Let’s look at the components needed, which can all be downloaded here:

  • Full ISO Image of the latest HP Service Pack for Proliant (SPP) (currently this is 2014.09.0) 
  • Maintenance Supplement Bundle (MSB) (which contains hot fixes, security releases and other updates released since the latest SPP)

Now the procedure:

01. Extract both the SPP ISO and the MSB ZIP to a local destination. (instead of the MSB contents you can also separately download “Firmware Supplemental Updates” from HP and add them)

02. Run the launch_hpsum.bat (from the extracted SPP ISO)

03. Click the Baseline Library on the HP Smart Update Manager welcome screen


04. Press Add Baseline


05. Press Browse and locate the extracted Maintenance Supplement Bundle (MSB) files or the separately downloaded “Firmware Supplemental Updates” (.scexe files)
Note: you need to double-click the upper arrow to switch to a higher level directory

 HP SUM 04

06. Click OK and Add, the inventory will now be filled with the extra files.

07. Click on ActionsCreate custom in the upper-right corner


08. Overview: Fill in the Overview Screen and ensure that the Make Bootable ISO file is checked.

09. Step 1 – Baseline Sources – Ensure that all baselines are Selected

10. Step 2 – Filters – Select your desired settings

11. Step 3 – Review – Click Apply Filters

12. Click Create ISO and wait until the custom baseline creation is completed


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  1. Muraleedaran

     /  March 12, 2015


    I followed the above steps but it is failing with the error at the ISO creation stage
    “custom baseline creation completed with error”
    “Error occured while creating baseline”

    psp – 2014.9.0
    supplemet – 2014.10

    any advice?

  2. Hi, unfortunately I currently haven’t got a HP Test environment available.
    Do you have enough diskspace available on the system that is used to create the ISO?

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