Deploying DSVA on ESXi 5.5 fails.

This article describes the scenario where you will experience a timeout from vCenter while deploying the Trend Micro Deep Security Appliance 9.0 (DSVA) on an ESXi 5.5 Host. I got some information from Trend Micro about this issue, which  can simply be resolved by retrying the deployment.

So what happens? The first time you try to Deploy the DSVA (and complete the wizard):


it will create a task within vCenter which actually stays stuck on “In Progress”:


This tasks stays active until a timeout occurs. It’s save to cancel this task in this state:


And close the Deployment Wizard Progress Windows from within Deep Security


Next thing to do is to re-run the “Deploy Appliance” procedure and now the deployment will succeed. Not sure when this will be fixed but be aware of this issue while manually deploying DSVA’s.


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