Dutch vBeers – 14 July 2011

Another vBeers gathering will be held on Thursday 14th of July starting from 6:00pm in ‘Cafe de Omval’ which is located near the Amsterdam Amstel station. This venue is selected since it’s  easy to reach for people not coming from Amsterdam and serves a fine of selection of beers along with soft drinks and bar food.

Note that  Frank Denneman, one of the two great authors of the VMware vSphere Clustering Technical Deepdive (available now!) will also be attending. This is a great moment to meet up with him!

Drinks will not be paid for, there will not be a tab. When you buy a drink please pay for it as no one else will be paying for your drinks.

  • Location: ‘Cafe de Omval’ Amsterdam
  • Address: Weesperzijde 250 (hoek Omval), 1097 EB Amsterdam
  • Nearest Train Station: Amsterdam Amstel
  • Time: 6:00pm
  • Location: Map

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