Running vMA 4.1 on VMware Workstation

After importing the new vSphere Management Assistant (vMA) 4.1 on my VMware Workstation 7 environment I noticed that it boots with a memory crash error, an “unable to access resume device” message and eventually ends with a kernel panic.

The memory crash error seems like something that can be ignored and which is covered by several blog articles about CentOS. The reason why the vMA is locking up is due to the fact that its SCSI card and OS type needs to be changed in the .vmx file

Follow the steps below (credits to Justin for pointing this out to me!)

  • Remove the vMA from the VMware Workstation Inventory
  • Open the .vmx file and change the following to lines to be:

scsi0.virtualDev = “lsilogic”
guestOS = “rhel5-64”

  • Add the vMA back to VMware Workstation and boot it up.
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