VMware VCDX Design Exam, watch out for the "Next"-Button!

Yesterday I made progress in my pursuit to get the VMware VCDX Certificate by completing the Design Exam in Frankfurt. I’ve got a very important notice to make about this exam for all of you who are going to do this in the future.

The exam consists of 2 section, one section in which you will get 51 questions and the second section in where you have to draw a design following the customer case on screen (you get 20 minutes for this assignment).
So I finised the first section, pressed “End Exam” in the review screen (just like always in the Pearson Vue exams) and then section 2 popupped showing me the customer case with all possibilites to draw the design. To me it looked like the drawing screen was divided into 2 sections so after I reading the case  and seeing the “Next”-button in the bottom of the screen I decided to press it to see if it opens another drawing or additional information.

After pressing the “Next”-Button my PC starts ratteling and on my screen the message “Congratulations you have passed the Exam” appeared (with my score in the next line). I was completely shocked, not because I passed the exam but I still  had 17 minutes left for my design which I didn’t even touched!

So for all of you who are going to do the VCDX Design, be warned, the “Next”-button in Section 2 of the exam actually means “End Exam”!

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  1. jasonboche

     /  October 31, 2009

    Your blank design probably scored better than what I put together 🙂 Congratulations!!!

  2. Kenneth van Ditmarsch

     /  October 31, 2009

    Thanks Jason! 🙂

  3. kabeersiddiqui

     /  December 21, 2009

    this is a great information that u r passed to us. could you please tell us more about the exam contains what type of questions, if you recall something.

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