Automatic Rescan of your HBAs… How to enable this again

Duncan Epping wrote an helpful article about disabling the automatic rescan of HBA’s whenever you add, remove of expand a datastore.

Remember, turning this off isn’t a best practise for production environments but could come in handy when building a new site while avoiding “rescan storms”.




Now the trick is to enable this again, unfortunately this isn’t just a matter of changing the “false”-value back to “true” again.

true value









So how does this work?
We’ll have to manually edit the vpxd.cfg for this and change the “false” value to “true”




And as with all manual changes to the vpxd.cfg, we also need to restart the “VMware VirtualCenter Server”-service for changes to take affect. (This is  actually the first time I notice that they haven’t renamed the “VirtualCenter Server”-service to “vCenter Server”-service 😉

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  1. henk

     /  March 26, 2010

    This problem seems to be fixed in vCenter 4.0 Update 1

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